Welcome to the Birge Research Group homepage!

We are located in the Chemistry building at the University of Connecticut. Our group occupies multiple labs that include an organic lab, molecular biology lab, laser facility and a clean room.


Our research is evenly divided into two areas, molecular biophysics and molecular electronics. The biophysics group has the primary goal of studying the structure and function of visual pigments and light-transducing proton pumps. The molecular electronics group investigates the encoding, manipulation, and retrieval of information at a molecular level using bioelectronic and biomimetic methods. Both groups use molecular spectroscopy and quantum theory as the primary tools. More information on each area is described further via the links shown below.


Our group owns separate spectrometers optimized for coverage in the microwave (1 - 40 GHz), THz (5 - 100 cm-1), Far IR (100 - 400 cm–1), infrared (400 - 4000 cm-1), near infrared (4000 - 8000 cm-1), visible (400 - 700 nm) and ultraviolet (100 - 400 nm). We also have time resolved capabilities in the THz, infrared and visible regions, with temporal resolutions in the infrared (100 - 4000 cm-1) of 1 microsecond and in the visible (480 - 640 nm) of 36 femtoseconds.